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Investers or Lenders ??

Mayor Jasiel F. Correia ll and his lawyer have asked the Prosecution to allow the lawyer to contact the (so-called) investors.  We say So-Called because the lawyer for Correia has stated that they were (lenders) not (investors). The Atty for Correia has said that the lenders all had signed agreements has …

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Two FRFD men in the spot light.

We have talked to Jason Burns the FRFD union head about the two recent situations with Fall River Fire Fighters.  Mr. Burns has informed us that the union is only involved in making sure that the process in place that has been agreed upon by the city, the union and …

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S & S, Snow and Stipend !

The meaning of (STIPEND).  A fixed regular sum paid as a (salary) or allowance. Two things to notice right off the top,  1,  It is said to be a Regular Sum Paid As  (A Salary )  or allowance. 2, The term (SARALY).  Annual Sum.   You can look at this and take …

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Children Christmas Parade.

What did you think about this years Children’s Christmas Parade ?  Was it all you wanted ? I talk to several families after the parade to ask what they felt about it. To my surprise, It was not all positive. So what did they have to say?   Some said …

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A-1 Was a Big Hit in the 80’s

Once again the A-1 Pub as many know it was closed down without any notice to its staff.  It had been said around town that they were looking to sell out. Today we talk to a couple of people that go there and they said they were surprised  that they …

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The Fall River Durfee High School begins today to come alive. Student speaker Catalina Perreira was the speaker for the students and did a great job. Today Fall River becomes the city of the largest High School in Mass. With funding through MSBA reimbursement the city went out to bond …

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